Pretty Little Liars I know who A is.

wpid-storagesdcard0DownloadThe_four_PLLs.jpg.jpgA lot of people think Pretty Little Liars is too confusing but you just too stupid to follow the story. To the millions who watch it the season finale aired last night and I thought they were going to unmask A or whoever is working for/with A, but they didn’t. But I think I figured it out. Why would a mother bury their own child? To protect another child right? If Mrs. D didn’t, Jason would be in jail for murdering Alison and she wouldn’t have had lost both kids. Jason is A. “Don’t ever turn your back on a Hasting?” Jason is a Hasting and just like everyone else he had a reason to hate Alison.  Alison use to go in his room and take his belongings, and Jason was jealous of her as well. Because he did drugs and got into trouble, his parents thought they “lost the wrong child” meaning Jason was the who was suppose to die, this is why he was jealous of Alison. In season 2 he told Spencer he is worst than Alison. But he was wasted the night Alison supposedly died but who knows he was probably faking and he said he saw CeCe wearing the same clothes as Alison the night she went missing and I don’t think that’s the whole story. Or he was the one who tried to kill Alison but he’s not A who else would Mrs. D tried to protect. Well that’s my theory we just have to wait until the new season to see what happens.

The season finale left us with a lot of unanswered questions (you come to expect that from pll after a while):

1. Still who is freaking A??!
2. Is Ezra died? PS i think Ezra is died because he said he knows who A is and he cant live to just tell the girls.
3. How the hell did Noel know Alison alive and what’s the secret she has on him?
4. What did Melisa tell Mr. Hastings in the police station?
5. Who is trying to bury Mrs. D and is she died for real?
6. Who is in Alison’s grave?
Just some of the questions need to be answered.

Mona knew Alison was alive all that time. WTF!!!

What was your favorite part from the season finale and do you agree with my theory about who is A and who do you think is A? Do you think Jason is too obvious and the producers are just throwing us off? comment comment comment


13 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars I know who A is.

  1. rashadsimmons says:

    Okay, you have a point, because that wasn’t a girl when A jump to the other building and A was standing like a man… But I still think the real A is her twin sister Courtney. Yes, Jason is probably doing the physical things but the master mind behind it was her sister which was sent to Insane Asylum before they moved to Rosewood when they were little girls. In the same city Erza was shot and Allison was found a live… The books tells you almost everything about it. If anybody want to know who Courtney is to the Allison family, well you got to read the prequel book “Ali’s Pretty Little Liars”


  2. rashadsimmons says:

    Yes, I believe that was Jason. But I still think it is Courtney, Allison twin sister. Yes Jason probably can do the physical things but Courtney is the mastermind behind it… Before Allison family moved to Rosewood, Courtney was insane so they put her into Insane Asylum and left her for good. And the moved to Rosewood, the prequel book tells it all. Ali’s Pretty Little Liars book.


  3. I am so addicted to this show I had to read your post about it. I also thought Jason was A. As you said we’re running out of suspects (red herrings) they either get killed or go crazy. I also think that the twin sister is buried in Alison’s grave. I don’t think that Ezra is dead but it’s interesting that they used him in the previous season finale as the cliff hanger (where everyone thought Ezra was A).
    The problem with the show is that we never get all the backstory on things, so the writers/producers can easily change their minds and make someone else A. For all we know Ezra was supposed to A and then they got hate mail about it and they changed things so Ezra was a pretend A.
    But the sad fact is that I’m hooked on this show and I’ll probably watch it until the final episode – which I hope isn’t too soon.
    Writer Chick


    • MovieGeek says:

      I don’t know if Jason is A anymore. Ezra, Jenna, Tody isn’t a A either at this point you just have to eliminate all the people who can’t be A to figure who A actually is. And for some reason I think Mona is still on my “who is A is?” list. As you can see I’m obsess with the show too.


  4. Pretty Little Liars makes me and my 15 year-old granddaughter want to pull my hair out. No kidding. I wanna pull my hair . . . and she wants to pull my hair. It’s awful. (The way the show jerks the viewer around–not the hair pulling)


  5. nawallovexo says:

    Interesting theory. I think I’ve given up deciding who A is because everytimei do I’m proven wrong and then I’m back to square one. But Jason is a possible suspect because why on earth would Mrs Dilorentes (can’t spell her name) keep quiet about her OWN daughter. Also with the whole thing she had going on with spencers dad and coz Jason is also his son. But I don’t know whoever it is must seriously hate Alison with passion to still be after her after such a long time. It’s not like tjey need to kill her coz she knows who it is. But I’ve heard the books are still being made and they haven’t revealed A in them yet.


    • MovieGeek says:

      I know I’m done trying to figure out who A is as well. They always let you think its someone, Mona, Tody, Jenna, Ezra and then it turns out none of them is A. I think next season they are going to try make us think Jason is A and we all know he’s not.


  6. Like your spunk. My favorite television show is Grimm. Like the premise. By the way I am writing a novel on The Jew which contains a lot of intriguing stories. If you like to preread what I have be my guest. Just let me know and I will send it to you by email. It has Rasputin, murder, intrigue and mystery.


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