2014 year of Religious movies?

It’s been 10 years since the one of the scrutinized film in history has been release, The Passion of Christ. Since then there haven’t been much religious (christian) until now. These are five (5) film destine to push the religious border.

1. Son of God.


     This is the first film portraying Jesus since The Passion of Christ and it has big shoes to fill. Although The Passion of Christ focus on the last 12 hours of Jesus’s life and Son of God focuses on Jesus’s life spam from his birth, his teachings, miracles, crucifixion and ultimately his resurrection. Son of God is a recut of the miniseries The Bible, which set records in view for The History Channel. Some scene from the series where removed such as The Temptation with the devil which cause bit of a controversy for the show, some said that devil resembles Barack Obama and the ninja angels. There are a lot of things wrong with this movie but that doesn’t mean it was bad interpretation of the bible and Jesus’s life. It was a great depiction of what happen in the bible. Christian should watch this to see the events that shaped their faith and Non-Christians should watch it as well to understand what Christianity is about.

2. Noah


God is saddened at the wickedness of mankind and sends a great flood to destroy all life on Earth, but instructs Noah, a man “righteous in his generation,” to build a wooden ark and save a remnant of life from the Flood. Noah builds the ark and saves his family and representatives of all animals from the massive flood waters which cover the Earth. It opens 28 of March and I was really excited when I saw the trailer about four (4) months ago, but after watching the trailer a couple times something stuck out that really bothers me. Noah closing the ark, in the Bible The Lord closes the ark. That bothers me and also you see someone (I don’t what biblical character that was) coming with an army to take the ark while in the bible when Noah was telling everyone of the flood they mocked him.
I am a Christian if you hadn’t notice and I will not make my thought on the world and mostly my religious view conflict my judgement of the film, AS A FILM.
With that said the movie looks epic the CG and SFX looks neat and I know I’m still going to see it opening weekend.
(This is not a review!)

3. Exodus



  With a release date set for December 12, 2014 Exodus gives an account of Moses’ hand in leading the Israelites slaves out of Egypt. Not much as been release about the plot of this movie. It stars Christian Bale as Moses and directed by Ridley Scott. Scott is know for movies such as Prometheus, The Gladiator, Alien just to name a few so I think this is going to be good, and I really looking forward to see it.

The next two aren’t biblically base but has a lot to do with religion, faith, and Christianity.

4. God’s Not Dead.


Released on March 21, 2014 is about a ollege student Josh Wheaton’s faith is challenged by his philosophy professor, who believes God does not exist. This professor forced his class to write down, “God’s Dead” for 30% of their grade. There is so many things wrong with this film. The movie made all the “good guys” Christian and all the “bad guys” miserable atheist, which is why the world hates Christians. I love to hate this movie and hate to love it. We live in a world were if you proclaimed that your a Christian, you hate gays etc and your chastise by the world example Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty, whose show was temporally cancelled because of his faith but if you say your an atheist nothing happens that’s a double standard. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

PS. God’s not Dead took in a surprising  $2.8 million in one day and looks to sneak into this weekend’s top five.

5. Heaven is  for Real


To end my list the amazing Heaven is for real tells the story of a small-town father who must find the courage and conviction to share his son’s extraordinary, life-changing experience with the world. His son visits heaven after recovering from an emergency operation that where he temporally died. Did I mention it was based on a true story. I’m not going to get religious on this movie and just going to say it looks like a really inspirationally and uplifting movie and I’m marking my calendar for April 16 to go see it.

Thats the end of my list. All these movies are targeted for Christians and non Christians alike and I have a feeling its the start to something epic and controversial. What do you think, is Hollywood making the right decision by making some of the greatest stories ever told into movies?


18 thoughts on “2014 year of Religious movies?

  1. reverend61 says:

    Interesting selection of movies. I note with gratitude that you omitted the dreadful Left Behind series.

    I see what you mean about Noah. However the Biblical text is so abstract that I do have to wonder whether the embellishments I’ve read about really harm the core of the narrative. Does it really matter, for example, that Noah closes the ark instead of God? And yes, it doesn’t say anything about the attack led by Ray Winstone, but given that the rest of the world was evil and selfish and that Noah’s family were the only righteous, does their attempt to ‘take the ark’ really detract from things? My point is that the narrative as written in the Old Testament frankly reads like a fairy story, and I wonder if adding to it is really going to make things worse.


    • I agree Left Behind deserves to be on the list.
      The embellishment added to the movie distract from the moral behind the story, which is God created all and He can destroy all. Noah closing the ark instead of God shows that he didn’t need God’s help in surviving the flood. (That’s my opinion). Having some one attempt to “take the ark” does make a more epic movie. Noah no doubt is going to do good, but that doesn’t mean its a good movie.


      • reverend61 says:

        Your theological point is valid, but I’ve just looked at the trailer again, and I think you might have misconstrued what’s actually happening. Noah is seen using the door, but nowhere in the text does it say that he didn’t. It says that God seals the door _when they left_, but this moment isn’t seen in any trailer I’ve seen. From what I’ve been reading this is what’s going to happen in the final cut, and Paramount have confirmed this. (You may want to look at the article I’ve linked to below.)


      • I see now that the movie isn’t based on the story of Noah but inspired by it. And I understand the closing of the door scene now, I think before my religious view were conflicting my thoughts on the movie and I should be fear to the movie, which in to be honest is going to be good, but I still wouldn’t see it because of what I believe.


  2. Very interesting and intelligent list and set of reviews! I don’t know when or if any of these movies will be available in my language ( I’m Italian ), and usually I’m not too fond of religious movies, which tend to biased in one way or the other, but your reviews make them sound as at least worth a second thought. I’m especially curious about Noah. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, anyway!


  3. This is a very bizarre trend. Its weird how some genres go from being very rare to the next fad. It almost seems like all these Bible films are most likely an extension of rehash old fairy tales and myths trend, which has some rather disturbing implications. I’m not going to lie, I think a 300 styled David film would be pretty damn cool.


  4. I admire your energy and interest in writing, and writing about film. I did have some difficulty understanding your thought in more than a few places, often because of missing or misspelled words. This is one of the most common problems on the internet, and prompts me to call it the hinderweb. Like Babel, meaning is lost in the noise. You have a voice, and I urge you to respect yourself by taking the time to carefully proofread before publishing. I know it’s tiresome, but fewer posts that say EXACTLY what you mean are much more powerful than many posts that are sloppy (which give the reader more reason to leave than when her attention is riveted by your precise thought).
    Another observation: expressing opinion without doing the research is again disrespecting yourself. You said various thing about the film Noah based on assumptions made from viewing the trailers. Come on, now. Don’t let your eagerness to be heard let you go off half-cocked. See the movie, then write about it.
    A Christian’s job is to emulate Christ: love and tolerate one another. Judging is God’s job, help is neither wanted nor needed. Also, be careful about taking the gospels literally. If you read them all, even without the apocrypha, there are many contradictions, and many rules that we certainly don’t, and shouldn’t, follow today; an example is the punishment recommended for a disobedient child: death. It’s in Deuteronomy 21:18-21. And don’t get me started on Leviticus. Yikes! When it comes to the painfully divisive topic of religion, I like to evoke the late comedian Dave Allen: Go in peace; and may your god go with you.


    • Thank you, I love when people are brutally honest with me and your 100% right. I wish you’d comment early because I post another post about Noah which is unfair to the movie. I’m definitely going to watch the movie and give it an honest review which like any movie it deserves. As for my grammar I’ve heard it before and I am honestly trying to improve and the worst part is I actually talk like that. Thank you again for your honesty!


  5. Only seen son of God, what a terrible film that was, it felt like someone had picked random people up from the local college and asked them to take part, I’m an atheist so I was not going into this expecting any inspiration but thought it may make for an interesting film ( As with the Passion of the christ).
    I found myself laughing throughout the first fifteen minutes then turned it off, I got to the point were Mary met a hunky male model who was portraying God, he seem to be very excited to see Mary which only made me feel more sympathy for Joseph. THE ACTING AND THE STORY WERE TOO FAR FETCHED FOR ME! 🙂


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