“Spring” into Movie 2014



Its the beginning of spring all the summer blockbusters are only weeks away. But this year were getting summer blockbusters before summer. These are five (5) movies to help you spring into summer. Haha 😄😄

5. The Amazing SpiderMan 2 (May 2nd)
4. Captain America: The Winter Solider (April 4th)
3. Maleficent (May 30th)
2. X-Men: Days of Futures Past (May 23rd)
1. Godzilla (May 16)

Noticeable Mentions

1. Transcendence (April 17th)
2. Noah (March 28th)
3. Legend of Oz: Dorothy’s Return (May 9th)
4. Divergent (currently in theatres)
5. Rio 2 (April 11th)

Which movies are you most and less excited to see this spring? What movies you can’t wait until summer to see?



9 thoughts on ““Spring” into Movie 2014

  1. “A Milion Ways to Die in the West” by Seth MacFarlane is supposed to come out in May – super excited about that one. Even if people don’t like his style of humor, he’s a great storyteller.
    …the fact that I would see Son of God & then a movie like this is might be off though… anyway. Good movie’s a good movie.


    • ”A Million Ways to Die in the West” (PS its a book too) looks so funny, it feels wrong to laugh at the trailer but I couldn’t help it. I love Seth MacFarlane, like you say a good movie’s a good movie.


  2. Cool choices yo, I’m so hyped to see Godzilla, I think it might be my most anticipated film of the year. Seeing the trailer for the film in IMAX the other day just made me giddy all over again lol. If Gareth Edwards gets this right then the opportunities for sequels will be huge!


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