Battle for the Box-Office (March 28)

I’m taking a break from reading The Maze Runner to write about Noah and Sabotage the movie coming out this weekend and which one I think is going to come out on top. Here goes:

1. Noah


We all know the story of Noah, God is saddened at the wickedness of mankind and sends a great flood to destroy all life on Earth, but instructs Noah, a man “righteous in his generation,” to build a wooden ark and save a remnant of life from the Flood. Noah builds the ark and saves his family and representatives of all animals from the massive flood waters which cover the Earth. Directed by Darren Aronofsky this $150 million blockbuster has manage to piss off leaders from the Jewish and Christian community. Some of the issue many have with the movies is it lack of the word God meaning it wasn’t mention in the movie at all, it was supposedly substitute for Creator. Noah got the vision from a dream of the flood rather than walking with God. In no way did I expect Noah to be remain 100% accurate just like every other biblical movie but they embellish a little too much. I said, in an earlier post that I will not let my religious view conflict with my judgement on Noah as a movie but that’s hard to do. With a $150 million budget you should expect a lot from this movie and if you go to see it keep in mind that no animals were use its all CGI so that’s pretty cool. I won’t be watch Noah but if you do and your a Christian I would like to hear your thoughts on it so please COMMENT.

2. Sabotage

Sabotage follows an elite DEA task force that deals with the world’s deadliest drug cartels. It stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, I don’t know much about this film but the trailer looks cool. It seems like a typical drug movie through, you know how its going to end before it does but you watch it see the fight scenes and such. All and all it looks like a typical action movie nothing special. I would rather watch it over Noah but that’s me.

Winner for this weekend is going to be Noah without a doubt, it going to sweep Divergent to second. Sabotage will be down to fifth or sixth in my opinion.

What movie are you going to see this weekend and what do you think of Noah?


12 thoughts on “Battle for the Box-Office (March 28)

  1. I cant wait to check out Sabotage! Good to see the great Arnold Schwarzenegger back in action. You are right though this wont be a amazing story plot but it will be a great movie for action lovers for sure! =]


  2. I’m really curious about Noah (It’s Aranofsky’s film after all) but I’m not sure it’s actually going to reach the big screen here in Malaysia.
    Unlike Sabotage which is geared to the typical viewer over here. Given the choice, I’d go with Noah.


  3. chinahand11 says:

    Thank you so much Ninja for your perspectives on these films; I will see both of these eventually. I’m a Christian/Hindu, and a strong spiritual believer, I love Christ and my Guru Yogananda, and for me, Noah is a MOVIE. I shake my head when zealots use their pulpit to put down religious movies. Heck, I love to see stuff like this. Like my Guru said, and the way I see it: God is like a tree and all the religions are branches. Meaning everyone is hooked up to the main trunk, but no one has the whole tree (of knowledge). Meaning it is a matter of Faith, is all. The Buddhist monks say “A hundred monks, a hundred religions.” God wrote ten sentences in the Bible as far as I know, and I’ll use those as my guiding light along with the Golden Rule. To me, being a true Christian is to accept all people as manifestations of God, and to spare judgment on others. Others are just people being people. I do have concerns, though, about organized religion getting the upper hand in the race to squash all “beliefs” different. I have a busy schedule but I will fit both these movies in somehow in the next two weeks. Looking forward to seeing Arnie thump someone, Russell get Gladiator-tough, and Emma Watson run around in burlap. Woo hoo! Thanks again Ninja!


  4. Pity that Sabotage is not gettin any release date so far but I have seen Noah and as I think it could’ve been great movie, script is still crucial to the movie and this was quite dissapointing.


  5. I saw the trailer for The Maze Runner yesterday and the first thing I thought, this one is certainly based on a book (as I haven’t heard of the book). Seems I was quite right.
    On the TBR list it goes. 🙂


  6. Thanks so much for liking my Silver Linings Playbook review! I kind of want to see Noah now, since I’ve seen it being praised for its storytelling (which is a big reason why I go to movies and was probably my least favorite part of Silver Linings).. Take care, and God bless! =)


  7. Bettieluv says:

    I’m Roman Catholic and perceive the Noah’s Ark story as being valuable allegory, not historical fact. I suspect that the movie might not portray the story that way. I enjoy well-made movies but will avoid this one.


  8. In regards to Noah: I can remember a Noah movie from my childhood (some ABC tv special I think) that was so out-of-whack, it had a big fight between Noah & one his sons, via cabin fever. Dumbest thing ever. This Noah movie itself looks visually great and I’m cool with Russell Crowe & Emma Watson. But it’s just a bummer that most Biblical movies are either embellished away from the actual Biblical/historical findings of truth for the sake of entertainment & people’s attention spans, OR they’re produced with more accurate truth by Christian filmmakers who don’t have enough of a talented crew overall to make it much better than a hokey Sunday School special w/people who aren’t really actors. I guess my point is: show me the movie that meets both audiences in the middle – given to us by people who will stick to the script given, but with the best quality possible that it deserves from every production aspect.


    • MovieGeek says:

      I get your point, there is no biblical movie that is 100% accurate, and I get the need to embellish a little to hold the attention of the audience but Noah didn’t stick to the moral behind the story of Noah.


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