The Liebster Award!!!


I didn’t know what this award was two days ago, I didn’t even know that they gave awards for blogging but now I’m nominated for it. The Liebster Award is to recognized new bloggers that deserves a platform to the bigger blogging world. Which is so cool and I would like to thank BB2 ( ) for nominating me. Its so crazy when someone read, like or comment on my blog. Thank you.

Like I said I didn’t know what the awards was about so like any other person I googled it. I have answer the question given, stated 11 random facts about myself, nominated 5-11 new bloggers who should bask in the Liebster glow.
OK here goes…

11. Random Facts

I don’t think I can name 11 facts about myself I’m quiet un-extraordinary, maybe that should be a fact haha, OK let’s be serious:
1. My name is Ashalee and I’m 18, I don’t think I ever mention that in any of my previous post.
2. I work part-time at a preschool but I don’t like kids ironic isn’t it. Not saying that I hate my job or anything I love it.
3. I’m going to college this fall and I’m studying Accounting, but I really want to study Journalism which I’m no good at.
4. The movie that started my love for films is Transformers thank you Michael Bay. I guess I’m a sucker for bad acting and explosions haha. But I’m all seriousness I loved how most of the movie was CGI and it looked so real. I know it wasn’t the first movie to use CGI but I was blown away.
5. My dream is to be a author but I have the less creative imagination ever. My mind is like a dessert, when I think too much it gets hot and dry.
6. In high school I never got higher that a C- in English and I was at the top of my class not to brag or anything. But I sucked at English and as you can tell I have the worst grammar. 
7. I tried to write a book once more like a short story with my brother but we had a falling out, Lets just say he thought it was his idea, OK you got me I was the one who went crazy.
8. The first novel I read was Frankenstein and then Twilight after that I became obsess with books. Books are my escapes and movies are my vacations
9. See I’m running out off things to say.
10. I’m kinda play the saxophone, will I’m still in the learning phase but I’m OK.


Question: In your opinion, what do you think makes for good comedy?
Answer: Speaking in terms of movie, an comedy needs the same things as any other film to succeed, a story, a great script, character and actors. Humor and timing are important. I have a weird sense of humor and I laugh at stuff your not suppose to so you need actors to push the line a bit and who will say/do anything to get a laugh, eg Seth McFarlane.
I like jokes that if its not funny its offensive. That’s just me.

I doubt that answer your question but I tried.

My Nominates

I loves all these blogs, there are awesome.

1. MovieTalkExpress (
2. Geekritique (
3. The Weird District (
4. Laughoholic95 (
5. Matt & Helen Pearce’s Movie Blog (

My question to you guys is:
If you could change just one thing about the world, what would it be?

I’m really curious what y’all answers are going to be. Thank you to every one who read and like and comment on my blog, I apologize for my terrible grammar, and all the misspell words to come.


10 thoughts on “The Liebster Award!!!

  1. Congratulations! That’s quite the achievement. Sounds like we share a similar sense of humor. With Seth McFarlane it seems like you either like his humor or you don’t, and I definitely do.


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