A penny for my thoughts (Divergent)


OK so I know I’m late with a Divergent review but don’t consider this a review just my thoughts on the adaption. Which I finally saw, I was a bit hesitant because I didn’t like the book that much but I have to say the movie was awesome. I loved almost all the changes they made in the movie. Shailene Woodley and Theo James surprisingly had great chemistry and they really brought Tris and Four to life. It was weird watching Ansel Elgort as Caleb seeing that he’s going to play Gus in TFIOS but he’s a really good actor. The biggest thing I didn’t like about the movie was the lack of character development. I didn’t know who Al was until he attacked Tris and Peter until they called his name to fight Tris and Uriah, Drew, Marlene, Zeke and Molly wasn’t even introduced. I don’t know if its just me, it was hard to tell who was who. As a movie on its own its great but as a adaptation it was good.

I want to make a list of what they changed/didn’t include in the movie for all who didn’t read the book.

1.  A Dauntless initiate died on the first train ride to the headquarter when they had to jump to the roof. It show how dangerous the Dauntless initiation was.

2. The de-eyeballing. There was this guy named Edward who was the best initiate who got his eyeball gruesomely removed with a butter-knife by Peter. They did film the scene but it was too gruesome for a PG13 audience so it’s maybe on the DVD.

3. This one I don’t get, Tris has seven fears and they only showed four in the movie. Those fears are if you want to know, getting eaten alive by crows, drowning in a glass tank, drowning in the ocean, being burned at the stake by Peter, being kidnapped, getting intimate with Four, and being forced to shoot her family.

4. Christina and Will’s relationship. We see them talking at one point but that’s it. The movie didn’t showed that they were together.

5. Uriah, he was Tris friend, they didn’t introduce him so that took away the enthusiasm from the zip-line scene. The movie focuses on Tris and Four’s relationship while Tris had many friends.

6. In the capture the flag scene Christina was the one to get the flag not Tris and in the book they had paintball guns not tranquilizer guns. (I love this changed it was really cool).

7.  Visiting Day. They had a visiting day for all the transfer initiates. It wasn’t that significant because Tris did get to see her mom.

8. Four and Tris. There are different, Tris is 16 and Four is 18 in the book Four looks way older in the movie. The final scene when Tris found Four in the control room, he was the one controlling the system or whatever. They shared a moment when Tris was staring into Four’s eyes and repeating “It’s me” until he comes to — is still there, but it’s overwhelmed a bit by the action. 

9.  Janine suspected that Tris is Divergent, and conversation at Erudite headquarters is far less warm than the movie’s version.

10. Four told Tris he love you. I liked that they didn’t put that in the movie with the tough guy act in the movie it wouldn’t work.

I’ll stop at 10 but let me know what I missed, I know i missed a lot and what did you think of Divergent?


10 thoughts on “A penny for my thoughts (Divergent)

  1. Amila says:

    Nice review! 😉 I also watched it not so long ago and have to say I liked it quite a bit. First thing I liked a lot was that Shailene Woodley seemed like a real actress here, and a good one. I don’t want to sound rude if you watched and maybe liked TV Series “The Secret Life of an American Teenager” but what I saw there was pretty much the worst acting ever and so it’s nice to see she’s such a good actress actually. 😉 I also like the idea of the movie itself, it was quite suprising and new for me because I haven’t read the book.


    • MovieGeek says:

      Thank you!! Divergent was awesome. I actually loved Secret Life of an American Teenager haha thinking back the acting wasn’t great Shailene Woodley really had proven herself, she’s a really good actress, can’t wait to she her in The Fault in Our Stars.


      • Amila says:

        I know it might sound weird afterI said I hated the acting so much but I also watch the whole show because I liked Shailene for some reason. Now I like her even more, and yes I can’t wait to see her next movie too!


  2. I’m so glad to hear the movie is awesome! I’m reading the book and waiting on the movie. I love the subject matter of this story and featuring it at my site. This subject of choosing who we want to be in spite of whatever life may throw at you. It is one of my favorite subjects. It really does take true grit and courage to discover yourself and be faithful to live it. I’m assuming this movie amplifies that very thought. Your review is the first good info I’ve gotten on the movie. Enjoyed it very much!


  3. Nice review! Yeah they really changed Peter’s character altogether. He’s less threatening in the movie than he is in the book.
    No Dauntless cake! Lmao


  4. blondebeauty13 says:

    great review 🙂 i watched it recently, it has been shown at the local cinema.. at first i didn’t know what to expect! but the film soon gets into the storyline & it quickly gets very good! it’s definitely a must see.. it has also made me want to read the books! 🙂 xox


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