To inspire and to be inspired!! (Liebster Award)


When I started this blog my real goal was to improve my writing by writing about something I’m interested in. I didn’t  expect anyone to read what I write much less like it. So the fact that I’m nominated for a Liebster Award twice is mind-blowingly unbelievable, encouraging, inspiring and uplifting.  Thanks to The Geek Mind for nominating me. I love your blog. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
OK I’m making this bigger than what it is.(Its a big deal to me)


Random facts about myself.

1. I don’t like to talk about myself.
2. I don’t have a favourite anything, like I would say I do but if you ask me again tomorrow I’ll give a totally different answer.
3. I can’t do a split to save my life, I’m the less flexible person in the world.
4. I’m really random, if we’re having a conversation and something come to my mind I’ll just blurt it out, no matter what it is.
5. I was third over all in my high school graduating class. Not to toot my own horn. (Toot, Toot) haha.
6. I’m a horrible public speaker.
7. I collect coins, well I use to, I’m weird I know.
8. I have a lot of scar but I don’t remember how I got most of them. (Very random)
9. I’m the only girl of four children. (Maybe that’s why I have so many unexplainable scars.)
10. I’m a ‘glass half empty’ kind of person most of the time.
11. I not only talk to myself but I answer back I don’t think that’s “normal”.

Questions and my answers.

1. Favorite vacation spot?
The Bahamas although I live here there are so many island you can go to a different one every summer.

2. Favorite color?
Purple is my go to answer but I like black and red.

3. Favorite dessert?
Cheese Cake

4. Favorite black and white movie?
I don’t know, I don’t watch black and white movies that much so I’m going with The Wizard of Oz.

5. Favorite superhero?
Well it was Spiderman, but I thinks its Superman or Spock.

6. Favorite TV show?
Teen Wolf and Pretty Little Liars and The Big Bang Theory.

7. Favorite Book?
Every book I read, OK let’s be serious, The Fault in our Stars, The Hunger Games series, and The Perks of being a Wallflower.

8. Favorite Beatles song?
Imagine well its by John Lennon so it should count or Let it be. I love the original.

9. Favorite Dog Breed?
    I don’t have a dog but the Pomeranian is really cute.

10. Favorite Beverage?

11. Favorite nerdy franchises?
Harry Potter and Hunger Games

My nominations


My questions to you

1. Favorite movie?
2. Favorite time of the year?
3. Favorite book?
4. Favorite time to blog?
5. Favorite superhero?
6. Favorite villain?
7. Favorite movie adaption?
8. Favorite TV show?
9. Favorite nerdy franchise?
10. Favorite director?
11. Favorite song from a movie?


Thank you to every one who reads my blog it really means a lot to me.
Have a good one.


14 thoughts on “To inspire and to be inspired!! (Liebster Award)

  1. 1. Favorite movie? Impossible to answer. One of my favorites is The Man Who Laughs (1928)
    2. Favorite time of the year? Fall
    3. Favorite book? Also impossible. Abarat by Clive Barker is one of them.
    4. Favorite time to blog? When I have watched a really good movie or read a wonderful book.
    5. Favorite superhero? Batman
    6. Favorite villain? The Coachmen from Pinocchio (1940)
    7. Favorite movie adaption? Life of Pi (2012)
    8. Favorite TV show? ……. Maybe Avatar the Last Airbender.
    9. Favorite nerdy franchise? Fullmetal Alchemist
    10. Favorite director? Hayao Miyazaki or Frank Capra
    11. Favorite song from a movie? Too many impossible questions. I will say (as one of them) Deliver Us from the Prince of Egypt (1998)


  2. Love this blog. But I have a question about this post, what do you mean with favorit movie adaption?
    Btw, lovely to meet a fellow teen wolfer (I have a post waiting in my drafts about Stiles)


      • Aaaah, thanks. English is not my native tounge so sometimes I am a bit dense, I am amazed that I even dare to blog in english 😀
        I think I will post it tomorrow, trying not to spam my flow now, just started my blog two days ago…:)


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