The Day of……(Gone Girl)


Its 4am as I write this post and my head is spinning because I just finish reading Gone Girl. Its was an amazing book I don’t know why it took me so long to finally read it.

Nick and Amy are married but on their fifth anniversary, Amy went missing. ALL the evidence points to Nick who swears he didn’t do anything to Amy and if that’s true; Where is Amy?
With surprising and devious plot exquisitely put together by exceedingly talented writer, Gillian Flynn.


Flynn writing style is incredible, the choice of words, tone everything fell together marvelously making the book an easy read. Reading this book in first person narrative meant being in the thoughts of two very sick people. The first half of the book you had no other choice but to suspect Nick killed Amy. With the dairy entries and Nick’s lack of concern toward his missing wife. Then comes part two, and we discover that Amy is a deranged sociopath, who planned for over a year to frame her husband for murder.

Poor Nick. Amy pushed Nick into infidelity, she pushed Nick away. The lost of his job, his mom illness all took a toll on him. But she decided its time for the real Amy to come out. Nick isn’t perfect, he just want people to think of him as the good guy with in most cases he is. That’s why I loved him. And after all what Amy put him through he still stayed with her. I think the baby was an excuse to stay. He really did love Amy and he knew he was nothing with her in his life.

Am I the only one who thinks Amy has a personality disorder? She made herself into the ‘cool girl’ the girl every guys likes so Nick would fall for her but them when she decide to be the real Amy. She acts a certain way so people would love her and thinks she’s perfect but when they saw her flaws, she wants to kill them. She basically wanted everyone to thinks she’s perfect and no one is perfect.

The suspend is what kept me reading, and I was a bit disappointed with the ending. I was waiting for a volcano to erupt and all I got was a mere bonfire.  Maybe because there is no hope for these characters, no redemption, no justice for those murdered.

By now we all know that Gone Girl is adapted into a movie and Nick is played by no other than Ben Affleck. The trailer is out now, and I read that’s there is a alternate ending. So I can’t wait to see.

What are your thoughts on Gone Girl?


18 thoughts on “The Day of……(Gone Girl)

  1. I LOVED the book and I really can’t wait until the movie! I really loved how Flynn creates that jaw dropping, mouth WIDE open and the end of the book! I love when a story ends and in didn’t even see it coming!!!


  2. I’ve heard about it, but never really considered reading it; if you say it’s good ( I obviously avoided reading the part of this article market by the spoiler alert, just in case… ), then I might give it a chance… Maybe, when I’ll finish the series I’m currently reading, I’ll give it a try. Thank you for the suggestion!


  3. I LOVE this book 🙂 I am actually rereading it right now!! I don’t actually think everything is entirely Amy’s fault though. Nick also has major flaws: he’s very immature and selfish. The two have serious issues separately and together they just blew up! I can’t wait to see the movie and its alternate ending.


    • MovieGeek says:

      I don’t know why maybe its something with the settings on your blog. Thank you!!! 🙌🙌I don’t if I can accept I have over 500 followers😖😖, but I’ll still answer your questions.


      • I’ll have to check the settings, okay. And Yeahhhhhh, you have over 500 followers 🙂 Well, I’m not supposed to grant you the award chain letter for under 200 followers, but I was there when you received one and you now know I would have 🙂


  4. Gone Girl was just a crazy epic psychological ride. Amy definitely has some personality disorder. There’s some behavioral analysis in Gillian Flynn’s books. The other two have some pretty messed up characters too. I can’t wait for the movie especially since I really think that Ben Affleck can pull off Nick.
    Have you read Dark Places? Thats being adapted into a movie also this year!
    I’m just waiting for the announcement of Sharp Objects to be adapted also…


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