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Power Rangers remake!!!!


Its been a while since I posted about movie, sorry I’ve been reading a lot. But I heard there is going to be a Power Rangers remake. I didn’t read much into it but I think Michael Bay is directing so lets take a second for all the haters to voice there unwanted opinion…….

I literally was thinking there should do a remake of Power Rangers a couple weeks ago, the franchise is in need of a reboot. I know everyone is going to say-again-that Michael Bay is ruining there childhood, by destroying these awesome shows that we grew up with, but he’s not. I’m not going to lie the last Transformers movie that came out sucked, and I cant wait to see the new TMNT movie.
Have you ever thought that these re-make/re-boot movie isn’t for us but for the younger generation who don’t know about Transformers, TMNT, Power Rangers etc?

Another movie I want to talk about is Gone Girl. I already read the book so I know how it ended but not a lot of people was happy with the way it did end so the movie is going to have a alternative ending. I thought the movie was going to be a bit “Lifetimey” but the trailer proved me wrong. The Trailer is fantastic, and just so you know, Nick didn’t kill his wife isn’t that obvious, Come on people think a little. I cant wait to see this movie, for those who haven’t read the book, its going to take you on a crazy rollercoaster and its going to the same for those who have read the book.

I saw that there is going to be a Justice League movie, finally move over Avengers. I’m so sick of Marvel like every month a new marvel superhero movie comes out. Although I’m pumped up for X-Men Days of Future Past. Also a David and Goliath movie is in the works.

The last thing I want to say is where is my Mockingjay trailer??? I’m freaking out not being able to see a teaser trailer, and I have a question where does Mockingjay part 1 ends?

It feels like I’ve missed so much in the movie world these pass couple weeks. Which movie updates are you most excited about.?


4 thoughts on “Movie Update

  1. I heard about this. This is pretty interesting that they are bringing it back. But I guess not too surprising since every generation of the “youngsters” should get a “power ranger” experience. I remember when I was a kid I wanted to be pink ranger lol actually yellow ranger


  2. On Power Rangers- While I can see the argument for it being for a new generation of kids there already is a Power Ranger series on TV. From what I can tell there has been since, well, forever. There’s even a new series planned for next year. With this in mind this definitely feels like a cash in at the 90’s kids.

    I also think Power Rangers just works better as a TV series. The series has always had this amount of cheesiness that worked better on TV as opposed to movies. Unless they go the way of the super gritty reboot (an awful idea) it will have the same results of the Power Ranger movies before but with better effects.

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    • MovieGeek says:

      The Power Rangers TV series that is on a couple months ago sucks, I think they over did it with the cheesiness and it’s in need of a re-boot. I do agree with you it works better on TV.


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