Trailer Frenzy (Take 2)

It seems like were getting more and more trailers than usual for movies we are dying to see, Transformers, X-Men Days of Future Past, Maleficent, The Fault in our Stars and some new one as well like Cinderella, Mockingjay and Interstellar. This are some of movie announcements that happened this week.


1. Cinderella

Earlier this week I wrote a post about fairy tales turning into live-action motion picture and recently Disney released a teaser trailer for Cinderella and I feel like I beat every one to it, even Disney. For more live-action fairy tales check out my post Fairy Tales are Forever. The trailer wasn’t anything to get excited about and I don’t think Disney that is why they released it. I think they release it so people know that a Cinderella movie is being made, isn’t that the purpose of a teaser trailer. The trailer isn’t much just the famous glass slipper and a butterfly. The shoe looks extremely uncomfortable and it wasn’t what I expected it to look like. The trailer has been getting mixed comments but I can’t wait until 2016.


2. Interstellar

We got our first official trailer of Christopher Nolan highly anticipated film Interstellar, and it’s the first movie trailer I’ve seen this year that gave me chills. We get a better look at what the movie -Interstellar- is all about, A space travel story about a group of astronaut trying to find an inhabitable planet to replace Earth because Earth is on the brink of extinction. It was written by Christopher and Johnathon Nolan and it based on the theories of Kip Throne. From Nolan’s previous movies I know we are going to have our minds blown by his visual effect and it’s definitely going to be his most visually stunning movie to date. Interstellar stars Matthew McConaughnhey, Jessica Chastian, Anne Hathaway, and Michael  Caine, among others stars so the acting is going to be phenomenal. Do I hear Oscar bells? Best Score, Best Cinematography, Best Director even, too early to tell but very promising.


3. X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past has released a lot of clip showcasing  their new and returning mutants such as Blink, QuickSliver Shadowcat, Mystique, Wolverine, Beast, Storm, Magento. My favorite is, all of them, each time I watch the trailers I hope that it doesn’t have to end. I’m on the edge with X-Men and I cant wait to see it.


5. Guardian of the Galaxy

Another Marvel movie made headline this week, when Guardian of the Galaxy release a second teaser trailer, I’ve only seen it once and I’m not completely sold on this movie as yet. I can tell that this movie is going to have a different tone and attitude than other Marvel’s movie, it’s more on the humorous side. The Guardians include Star-Lord, Groot, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, and Drax the destroyer, the guardians are alien from the 31st century who travel back in time to enlist the help to battle the Baboon, an evil alien race that attempts to conquer Earth’s solar system. It stars Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Batista, Bradley Cooper(voice), Vin Diesel(voice), it’s not the best cast when you think of a superhero movie but we’ll see.


6. Superman vs. Batman

We got our first look at Ben Affleck as Batman this week and he looks awesome, on contrary to what people are saying. Affleck may not be the best Bruce Wayne or Batman but he’s sure going to be the most controversial and memorable. Ben Affleck is Batman people deal with it.  We also got a look of the batmobile, it all looks cool and I cant wait to see the final outcome. Keep in mind that this is a sequel to Man of Steel, it’s not a Batman/Dark Knight movie. I’m sorry I don’t have the picture.


7. Mockingjay

We got our first look at Mockingjay no just Julianne Moore as President Coin, which was pretty cool, she looked just like how I imagined Coin to be. We got some other stuff about Mockingjay but not trailer, just a poster teaser trailer part 1, which mean there is going to be more. I just really want the trailer to be release, it’s been long enough. I think the movie is in post-production t that’s why we haven’t seen anything, but I hope we’ll get our trailer soon.


So many movie announcement happened this week which one did you like the best?

-Have a good one.




6 thoughts on “Trailer Frenzy (Take 2)

  1. The Cinderella teaser trailer is the epitome of a teaser trailer. It gives away nothing, but makes me curious.

    I just saw the Interstellar trailer today. I’m not super-psyched because I feel like I’ve heard about this movie before. (2012, After Earth, many sci-fi movies, etc). However, I will see it because 1 It’s directed by Christopher Nolan and I like him and 2 It’s got Jessica Chastain.

    I’m already psyched for X-Men (just saw X-Men first class a few weeks ago on DVD for the first time and really liked it!) so the clip didn’t do all that much for me, though I am curious to see how big of a part Mystique plays in it.


  2. Thanks for the trailers! I’ve been wondering what Interstellar was about and this gives me a better idea. Although with Nolan at the helm, what I expect is not what I get. it’s always much better!


  3. iamoceansroar says:

    i am excited about most of those films, except Cinderella. i almost never see trailers. i love to be completely surprised.


  4. JOSIAH: My dad and I share this account so I thought I’d start off with that, his views may differ from mine. I didn’t realize Disney had this new initiative to remake their classic movies in live-action. I don’t really care for it, but if others are excited good for them and the fanbase; Maleficent does look interesting, or at least I think Jolie does.
    I’m excited for Interstellar as well! Hoping for the best for Days of Future Past! I think Guardians will be ONE HUGE PARTY at the movies haha. And i have seen nothing for Mockingjay myself and I want to keep it that way. Though if I do see something that’s not bad, but so far I’m liking being in the dark on most things Mockingjay.


  5. I am looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy, mostly because I like raccoons, but I also kind of don’t expect it to be any good. Just to have a lot of raccoon-as-protagonist (or at least protagonist helper) in it. You know how some movies are like that?


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