Fall into Winter 2014

Hello to the few people who still read my blog, thank you for reading. So I’ve been MIA for 2 months now, which is something a new blogger should not do. I’m sorry but I’m back (until my semester starts) and I have a lot I want to blog about.

Here goes,

Fall is my favorite time of the year which is pretty ironic because the two places I’ve lived all my life only have one season which is summer. Nevertheless, I love the idea of fall, pumpkin pie, sweatshirts, cooler weather, leaves changing colors and most of all the best movies are release during the fall.  The movies on this list are some of the year’s most anticipating movies, some you may not know -as yet- and others you can’t stop thinking about and is dying to see.

1. Gone Girl (October 3) With his wife disappearance on their fifth anniversary Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) becomes the focus of an intense media eye. As the police investigates further into his wife, Amy (Rosamund Pike) disappearance, the media turns on him when it’s suspected that he may not be innocent. We all know the book written by Gillian Flynn by the same name and most of us read it and hate that we love it. Gillian Flynn screen-write the movie along with David Fincher whose directing. With an alternative ending book-readers and movie-goers are going to love this movie. I can definitely see this in the running for best picture and actor at 2015 Oscars.

2. Interstellar (November 5)         Interstellar is definitely the years most anticipated movie, it’s the first movie Matthew McConaughey stars in, coming off his big Oscar win for Dallas Buyers Club earlier this year. Along with McConaughey, the movie stars a mass of other Oscar winners such as: Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastian, Michael Caine just to name a few. Interstellar is about a space travel story about a group of astronaut trying to find an inhabitable planet to replace Earth because Earth is on the brink of extinction. The movies written by Christopher and Jonathan Nolan and directed by Christopher Nolan who we all know from the Dark Knight trilogy and Inception. Nolan has yet to win a Oscar he’s been snob too many times and this might be his lucky year.

3. Exodus God & Kings (December 12)   Following the trend of religious movie comes Exodus which is the name of the second book in the bible and it gives an account of Moses leading the Israelite slaves to freedom from Egypt. Christian Bale plays Moses, a role that is a long way from the Dark Knight, Joel Edgeton plays the pharaoh Rhamses, Aaron Paul as Joshua and Sigourney Weaver as Tyua. Director and Co-Writer Ridley Scott who is well know for movies like Prometheus and Gladiator, uses a state of the art visual effects and 3D immersion to bring this story to life.

4. Fury (October 17)


Fury follows a five men American tank crew in Europe on the final days of World War 2. Fury stars a mass of hunks such as, Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Michael Pena just to name a few. It was written and directed by David Ayer who is know for Sabotage and End of Watch. The release was initially set for November 14 but was moved up to October 17. By the trailer Fury looks like the Saving Private Ryan of the 21st century which are pretty big shoes to fill but that’s how promising it seems for now.

5. FoxCathcher (November 14)

FoxCatcher is based on the true story of Mark Schultz, an Olympic wrestler whose relationship with sponsor John du Pont and brother Dave Schultz would lead to unlikely circumstances. It stars Channing Tatum as Mark Schultz, Mark Ruffalo as Dave Schultz and Steve Carell as John du Pont.  This movie isn’t a blockbuster and it probably wont make a big profit but it’s going one of the years most critically acclaimed movie. Steve Carell is one of Hollywood’s most diverse and underestimate actor.  Do I hear Oscar bells for Best and Supporting actor, too early to tell.

Noticeable Mentions

1. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

2. Dumb & Dumber To

3. Inherent Vice

4. The Hobbit

  These movies will definitely  make fall 100% better.  Which movie are you looking for too this fall?



14 thoughts on “Fall into Winter 2014

  1. I saw the trailer for FURY and instantly wanted to watch it right then and there. Something about Brad Pitt war movies (Troy, Inglorious Basterds) really get me. That Exodus thing is a joke, though. Annnnd haven’t heard of Foxcatcher, but it sounds interesting from what I’ve read of it so far. Added to my Watchlist.


  2. Good list! That song in the Gone Girl teaser just stays in my head whenever I see promotional material on the film. The power of David Fincher’s trailers. Do not forget about The Judge w/ Downey & Duvall, American Sniper w/ Bradley Cooper, and Birdman w/ Michael Keaton.


  3. The Ben Affleck movie sounds interesting going to probably put that into the queue. I want to Gods and Kings because it is Ridley Scott and because I have a perverse desire to scream at the screen that he is getting it wrong.


  4. I’m TOTALLY looking forward to “Interstellar!” It’s #1 on my MUST SEE list. And I’m hoping that “The Zero Theorem” is awesome but it comes out next week so I don’t know if that counts. As for “Dumb & Dumber To”…if the trailer isn’t all the funny parts? Then I’m IN!


  5. Interstellar is definitely a movie I would want to see. Fury is also and Gone Girl…I’ve heard a little about them, but not much (which I like). I’d rather not know too much and have the movie be spoiled for me.


  6. jayjay says:

    Hi thanks for stopping by @
    Nice blog you’ve got here! Just getting started on my own. Feel free to follow, could use the support 🙂


  7. Thanks for this list, honestly I keep forgetting about the rest of the films in 2014 after the summer because it has been so epic so far. The only films I’m really keeping tabs on is The Hobbit Part 3 and Interstellar, but this list has a few that I kno I should keep an eye on. Thanks again.


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