Deterioration of the Movie Industry

Generally speaking there’s two reasons people watch movies, for fun and to experience. The differences between the two is simple, people who watches movies for fun watches blockbusters, they like explosions and excitement but the real excitement lies with the ones who watches for the experience. Who are captivated by the tense dialogue, the character development, breathtaking performances and the score that brings out every emotion in us.

But when it comes to originality and the lack thereof in both  watching a movie for fun or to experience.  It makes you question is there a movie out there recently, that is not a remake or reboot or an adaptation from something. Yes, there is but most are not mainstream.

Why? Because remakes, reboots and adaptation all have one thing in common, a previous fanbase and digging deep enough you’ll fill that this is nothing new in the movie industry.  Some of the most popular movies are remake like Scarface for example.

And if you dig a little deeper you’ll see that this idea of remakes and reboots you’ll understand why, we as the general population clings to this idea that newer is better. This remake phenomenon is coming from the modern idea that old things aren’t good and that rebooting automatically implies that there was something wrong with the original which prompts up to go see the new one. Remakes focus almost entirely on the tangible details of the movie that can be changed and completely misses what made it good in the first place. Star Wars any? Some may argue that this is way to introduce the younger generation to the things that the older generation grew up with. Take for example the Stars Wars trilogy, kids maybe turned off by the outdated effects but now with The Force Awakens they can experience Star Wars in a whole new light.  Star Wars came out in a time when nothing like it has been done before, it was fresh, new and innovative. It brought out the fanboy in every kid who had seen it in the late 70’s and 80’s.  Now can kids feel the same sense of admiration for any movie that’s out now when they are all unimaginative imitations?

With that said, can a screenwriter sit with the intention to write a completely original script and have it go mainstream and dominate at the box office? Maybe in that sense, the movie industry is slowly deteriorating, leaving us with more reboots and remakes than original scripts.

Why do you watch movies to have fun or for the experience and what are your thoughts on all the remakes and reboots hitting the theaters?