Which new Fall TV series takes the cake?

The fall TV season are upon us, and if your anything like me your piercing through your TV guide trying to find the best new shows that TV has to offer. The ones that don’t get cancelled as soon as you get into them, because according to the network you’re the only person watching it.  Here are a list of new series this fall that everybody is going to be obsessing over, talking about and hopefully not missing.

  1. How to get away with murder (Air Thursdays on ABC at 10/9c). A legal thriller from the creator of ABC’s hit Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy Shonda Rhimes. Viola Davis stars as a cut-throat defense attorney professor, her criminal class is full of competitive student, some who works for her. They get caught up in a murder plot and are now trying to figure out how to get away with Murder.
  2. The Flash (Premieres October 7 on CW at 8/7c) This Arrows spin-off stars Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, who became the fastest man alive AKA Flash after a Lab explosion. Barry who works as a forensic investigator uses his powers to rid Central City of criminals.
  3. Gotham (Airs Monday on Fox at 8/7c)  Focuses on a young detective, Jim Gordon who is investigating the murder of a young boy’s parents. This young boy turns out to be Bruce Wayne, mind-blowing. With promises to tell the origins of some of DC comics most infamous villain such as Catwoman and The Penguin and The Riddler.
  4. Red Band Society (Air Wednesdays on Fox at 9/8c) Kids+Cancer+Drama+Hospital=A hit coming of age series set in the children’s ward of a LA hospital, it follows a group of patients as they try to over come some of life’s challenges and illness. Plus it’s narrated by a boy in a coma.
  5. Black-ish (Air Wednesdays on ABC at 9/8c)  Andre, a successful  African-American man who believes his four children are forgetting their heritage. When his son as for a bar-mitvah and he’s not even a Jew, that pushed him over the edge. He try to educate his children on their heritage as his laid-back old school father is their making fun of him every chance he gets. Created by and starring Anthony Anderson and co-stars Laurance Fishburne. Black-ish has been getting a lot of attention over its tittle and it’s positive.
  6. A-Z (Premiere Thursdays on NBC at 9/8c)  How I met your Mother meets 500 Hundred days of Summer. Need I say more.


  1. Manhattan Love Story  (Air  Tuesdays on ABC 8/7c)
  2. Jane the Virgin (Premeire October 13 on CW at 9/8c)
  3. Scorpion (Air Mondays on CBS at 9/8c)
  4. Stalker (Air  Wednesday on CBS at 10/9c)
  5. The Affair (Airs Sunday on Showtime at 10)




Pretty Little Liars I know who A is.

wpid-storagesdcard0DownloadThe_four_PLLs.jpg.jpgA lot of people think Pretty Little Liars is too confusing but you just too stupid to follow the story. To the millions who watch it the season finale aired last night and I thought they were going to unmask A or whoever is working for/with A, but they didn’t. But I think I figured it out. Why would a mother bury their own child? To protect another child right? If Mrs. D didn’t, Jason would be in jail for murdering Alison and she wouldn’t have had lost both kids. Jason is A. “Don’t ever turn your back on a Hasting?” Jason is a Hasting and just like everyone else he had a reason to hate Alison.  Alison use to go in his room and take his belongings, and Jason was jealous of her as well. Because he did drugs and got into trouble, his parents thought they “lost the wrong child” meaning Jason was the who was suppose to die, this is why he was jealous of Alison. In season 2 he told Spencer he is worst than Alison. But he was wasted the night Alison supposedly died but who knows he was probably faking and he said he saw CeCe wearing the same clothes as Alison the night she went missing and I don’t think that’s the whole story. Or he was the one who tried to kill Alison but he’s not A who else would Mrs. D tried to protect. Well that’s my theory we just have to wait until the new season to see what happens.

The season finale left us with a lot of unanswered questions (you come to expect that from pll after a while):

1. Still who is freaking A??!
2. Is Ezra died? PS i think Ezra is died because he said he knows who A is and he cant live to just tell the girls.
3. How the hell did Noel know Alison alive and what’s the secret she has on him?
4. What did Melisa tell Mr. Hastings in the police station?
5. Who is trying to bury Mrs. D and is she died for real?
6. Who is in Alison’s grave?
Just some of the questions need to be answered.

Mona knew Alison was alive all that time. WTF!!!

What was your favorite part from the season finale and do you agree with my theory about who is A and who do you think is A? Do you think Jason is too obvious and the producers are just throwing us off? comment comment comment