The MTV Movies Award just aired and I know by tomorrow everyone is going to be saying how awesome it was but was it really??
First Conan O’Brian monologue wasn’t funny I’m not a big O’Brian fan but come on, and after his monologue he basically disappear until the show was almost over.
Secondly, the winner were predictable. After years of watching the MTV Movie Award and many other award shows I found out you can predict who’s going to win by who’s in the audience. Tonight was no exception.
Lastly, WHERE THE HELL IS THE MOCKINGJAY TRAILER? By my all caps you can tell that I’m very, very, very, upset is the least to say. The only reason I watched the awards is to finally get a peck of mockingjay but no says Lionsgate you have to wait. The MTV Movie Awards was the best demographic for them to air the trailer with millions of teen watching. As I guessed first, they are probably going to release it at ComicCon which is in June hopefully they do it before then.

On to the positives. Tons of other trailers air during the show which kind of makes up for Mockingjay…well it doesn’t, I’m still disappointed.
First, The Fault in Our Stars exclusive Its a metaphor clip which air during the pre-show. It almost made me cry. What I loved the most about that clip, it showed how truthful the movie is going to remain to the book. It’s doesn’t seems like there are any big changes and with a story like that it needs no changes.


Second, The Amazing Spider 2 exclusive. OK I said it before I’m not a big marvels but the clip alone makes me want to watch the movie. I watched all the trailer but it never really drew me in until now, after you watch it you’ll see what I mean.
Thirdly, to all the TMNT fan out there you finally get a look at Splinter
will not a look more like a glimpse. Looks pretty cool don’t it.



Other trailers like Transcendence, Neighbors, 22 Jump Street aired.

And don’t forget about the performances from Rihanna, Eminem, Zedd, 21 Pilots, Elle Goudling.

Maybe I would have enjoyed the show more if I wasn’t so hang up on the Mockingjay trailer.

What did you liked most about the show? Where expecting the Mockingjay trailer like I was?


Its March that’s means good movies are going to start being release as of now and starting that line-up is no other than 300: Rise of an Empire which is a sequel to 2006 breathtaking visual style 300. I know a lot of people are pumped up for this movie and frankly so am I. This time around its different but similar to the first, staying true to the original. As Greek general Themistokles attempt to unite all of Greece by leading the charge that will change the course of the war. They are at war with the Persians led by mortal turn god Xerxes.

Noam Murro direct the sequel which he said is not a prequel or sequel which is redundant because the name it’s called, pretty much stated that it’s a sequel and it follows the same story line. This is Murro first big budget film so I hope he doesn’t ruin the franchise, which is gonna be pretty hard to do. The trailer looks epic, the battles scenes delivers with all the effect which half of it really isn’t necessary but makes for a good movie. I just hope that this movie has less slow motion scenes and more Spartans. 300 may not be the most critical acclaimed movie with its over the top effects but its sure gonna bring in the millions.
Obviously this is going to come out on top at the box office this week.

If you want to be throuroughly entertained I would advice to go see this movie and comment on what you thought of it.


300: Rise of an Empire